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No More 'Job for Life'

Some faculty at Wisconsin universities are upset that Ray Cross, president of the University of Wisconsin Systems, said that tenure was “not a guarantor of ‘a job for life.’” Do you think that tenure for college professors is necessary? Or should professors be treated more like employees in other professions?

Wisconsin To Drug Test People For Unemployment Benefits

A new Wisconsin law will allow the use of drug testing for unemployment benefits. Drug testing for government programs has been tried in other states with mixed results. Do you think it is a good idea to require drug tests for unemployment insurance or food stamps? Or is this type of program too costly with too few benefits?

Senators Mark Warner, Tim Kaine ask for LGBT guidelines for schools

Virginia Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine have joined other Democratic senators in asking the federal government to enforce policies affecting gay and transgendered college students. This is partially in response to North Carolina’s law that mandates transgendered students use bathrooms according to their biological sex. Does the federal government have a place in policing school policies on bathroom use?

Gov. Tom Wolf, Pittsburgh-area officials want $11.4M fine on Uber cut

The state government recently fined Uber $11.4 million for operating in the state without approval from the Public Utility Commission. Even Gov. Wolf contends this fine is too high. Is it fair for the state to impose such a heavy penalty on Uber when the state’s rules are ambiguous and the company is now operating legally in Pennsylvania?

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