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Tim Kaine is sitting pretty in Hillary Clinton’s veepstakes



Virginia Senator Tim Kaine could be Hillary Clinton’s choice for vice president. He is seen as a “safe” pick – a mainstream Democrat who is from a potential swing state. Do you think Sen. Kaine would make a good vice president? Or should Clinton choose someone else? https



Unaffiliated candidates fight for ballot access

Right now, it is difficult for candidates unaffiliated with the Democratic or Republican parties to get on the ballot in North Carolina and many other states. Do you think barriers to unaffiliated candidates should be lower? Or are states justified in keeping some candidates off the ballot?http://www.journalpatriot.com/opinion/unaffiliated-candidates-fight-for-ballot-access/article_26eeebe8-1b8b-11e6-aa42-8720cdd16d1c.html

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