Illinois Governor, Legislators Fight over Guns

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Illinois Governor, Legislators Fight over Guns


Gun control is a hot topic in many states’ legislative sessions. In Illinois, this issue has put Democratic legislators on a collision course with the Republican governor.


In the wake of the Florida school shooting that left 17 dead and the killing of a Chicago police officer, legislators in Springfield passed a host of new gun control measures. One bill would ban “bump stocks,” which allow semi-automatic firearms to simulate fully-automatic guns. Another bill would impose a 72-hour waiting period on people looking to purchase firearms that resemble military weapons, as well as ban anyone under 21 years of age from buying them. The bill also allows local governments to ban these guns. A third bill would mandate that gun retailers must register with the state.


When it reached his desk, Governor Bruce Rauner vetoed gun retailer registration bill. That legislation would require businesses that sell, lease, or transfer firearms to be registered with the state. Gun dealers would have to take training on background checks and safe storage, among other things. The fees for this new registration would be capped at $1,000 every five years. The federal government already regulates gun dealers, and this legislation would add another layer of state regulation.


“It's unnecessary, burdensome regulation,” according to Gov. Rauner. Senators have scheduled a veto override vote in April.


Legislators have been reconciling differences between the House and Senate versions of the other gun control bills. It is unclear if Gov. Rauner will veto or sign these bills into law.


Do you think that Illinois should impose its own registration requirement on firearms retailers? Should the government ban the sale of assault weapons to people under 21 years old?



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