Scott Walker Focuses on Illegal Immigration in Re-Election Bid

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Scott Walker Focuses on Illegal Immigration in Re-Election Bid

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is facing off with Tony Evers to see who will lead the state for the next four years. A new ad by Walker stresses their divergent views on illegal immigration.


Governor Walker is hitting Evers for what Walker considers a weak stance on illegal immigration. Evers supports allowing illegal immigrants to obtain state driving permits. He also would like to see illegal immigrant children who graduate from the state’s high schools pay in-state tuition if they go to college. According to Evers, the driving permit would make the state’s roads safer by requiring that those who get the permits would pass a safety test. Allowing illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition would treat these individuals the same as other students who graduate from state high schools, Evers notes.

In a new commercial, Governor Walker accuses Evers of wanting to provide special treatment for illegal immigrants. According to the ad, this would result in higher taxes.


This ad has caused some controversy, since it uses the term “illegals” to describe illegal immigrants. Evers and some other observers claim that this is an offensive term and that Governor Walker is trying to sow racial division with the ad.


Do you think that illegal immigrants should be able to obtain state driving permits? Should they pay the same in-state tuition as other high school graduates?

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