All-Male Draft is Unconstitutional, Court Rules

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All-Male Draft is Unconstitutional, Court Rules

For men across the U.S., their 18th birthday comes with a mandate to register with the Selective Service. That makes them eligible to be drafted for military service. Women are exempt from this requirement, but that may soon end. A federal judge in Texas recently ruled that mandating that only men register for the draft is unconstitutional.


In 1973, the federal government stopped drafting men for military service. However, it still requires that men 18-25 must register with the Selective Service, meaning they could be called up for a future draft if needed.


The National Coalition for Men argues that this is discriminatory. They say that women should also be required to register, and brought a constitutional case on those grounds. A Texas judge agreed, saying that the practice was indeed unconstitutional.


There had been a similar case in the early 1980s arguing that Selective Service registration was discriminatory. At the time, the courts ruled that since only men served in combat, the government was justified in its requirement. In today’s military, however, women can serve in combat. That, said the Texas judge, undermined the government’s rationale for mandating that only men register with the Selective Service.


Do you think that women should register with the Selective Service just like men are required to do? Should women serve in military combat roles?

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