Term Limits for Washington Governor to be Discussed in 2020

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Term Limits for Washington Governor to be Discussed in 2020

Lawmakers in Washington State want voters to decide whether the governor can serve more than two terms.


Right now, Washington governors can serve as many terms as they want. The current governor, Jay Inslee, has said he will seek a third term. But legislation pre-filed for the 2020 session would prevent this in the future. Under that resolution, governors could only serve two terms. Any governor who came to office to serve out more than one year of a previous governor’s uncompleted term would be limited to one further term.


Thirty-six states have some form of term limits on governors. These states all limit governors to two consecutive terms, but some allow a former governor to run for that office again after being absent for four or eight years.


The proposal in Washington would be to amend the state constitution. This requires approval by a majority of voters. If approved by the legislature, Washington voters would decide the matter in the November 2020 election.


Only two Washington governors have served more than two terms.


Do you support limiting governors to two terms in office?

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