Maryland May Legalize Sports Betting

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Maryland May Legalize Sports Betting

Voters in Maryland may get a chance to determine if sports betting will be legal in the state. Legislators are considering a bill that would place a question on November’s ballot to allow sports betting at racetracks, casinos, and online.


Under the proposal being debated in the General Assembly, Maryland voters would decide whether or not to allow sports betting at a variety of locations throughout the state. These include the state’s three racetracks and six casinos. The bill would also allow sports betting at a new Redskins football stadium, an inducement to keep the team in Maryland when its lease on the current stadium expires in 2027. In addition, these locations could develop online sports betting sites.


States surrounding Maryland, including Delaware and Pennsylvania, have legalized sports betting. Some legislators argue that Marylanders are visiting these states to bet, so it makes sense for the state to legalize the practice so Maryland benefits. The state estimates that it could raise $20 million a year in tax revenue from legalizes sports betting.


Horse racing tracks in the state are pushing for the bill as a way to stem declining attendance at races. These tracks have been facing financial issues for many years as horse racing has become less popular.


Legislators are considering ways to pay for a state commission slate of recommendations regarding education. Legalizing sports betting is one way to provide some of the money that would be necessary to fully fund the programs called for by this commission.


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