House Passes Coronavirus Aid Bill

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House Passes Coronavirus Aid Bill

Early Saturday morning, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed legislation aimed at offsetting the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic.


The House voted 363-40 to pass HR 6201. Among other things, this legislation includes:

  • A paid sick leave mandate that covers businesses with fewer than 500 employees
  • Waivers for health insurers to provide cost-free testing
  • An increase in federal Medicaid payments
  • More funding for federal food programs
  • A ban on tougher work requirements for food stamps
  • $1 billion in additional unemployment insurance funding for the states


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi worked with the White House to develop the details of this bill and then rushed it to the House floor. This led to objections from some House members that they did not know what they were voting on and complaints about being forced to vote too quickly on a massive aid bill. The Congressional Budget Office could not provide an estimate for the cost of the bill due to not having enough time to analyze it.


This legislation received bipartisan support and President Trump has indicated he will sign it. Those who voted in favor of it said it was necessary to aid in an economic meltdown that is happening in response to the coronavirus. However, some conservative members of the House said that the bill was considered too quickly and contained things that were unrelated to the coronavirus.


The Senate will consider this legislation in the coming days.


Do you support the coronavirus aid legislation?

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