Education Department Suspends Standardized Tests, Postpones Loans

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Education Department Suspends Standardized Tests, Postpones Loans

The federal Department of Education today announced two moves in response to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic: federal standardized test mandates will not apply this year and federal student loan borrowers will be able to postpone their payments temporarily.


Under the federal elementary and secondary education legislation, the “Every Student Succeeds Act,” schools must measure student progress in certain grades every year. This is to meet accountability measures in that law.


With schools being canceled, however, officials at the federal Department of Education decided that it made little sense to impose that requirement this year. Many states and school districts have closed schools in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Some of these closures are only scheduled to last for weeks, while others are on an indefinite break.


Higher education students who have taken federal loans will also get a break. Over the next 60 days, they can now request that their lenders postpone their payments. Everyone with a federal student loan will have their interest frozen.


Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said that people should not be worrying about paying student loans right now, but should be concentrating on being safe.


Do you support postponing student loan repayments during the coronavirus outbreak?

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