Trump Says Social Distancing Goes Until April 30

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Trump Says Social Distancing Goes Until April 30

On Sunday, President Trump announced that the federal guidance on social distancing will remain in place until April 30. This is a departure from his previous statements where he stated that he would like it lifted by Easter.


In a Rose Garden announcement, the president justified his change of heart by noting that deaths will be increasing in coming weeks, probably spiking around Easter. He said that his previous comments about Easter were just an aspiration, and new information has led him to change his mind. He put a new timeline on recovery efforts, saying that by June 1 things should be getting back to normal.


There are currently over 136,000 Americans who are confirmed to have COVID-19, while 2,400 Americans have died of problems related to this virus.


The federal government is recommending that people stay home and distance themselves from others. Governors have taken other steps, such as requiring sheltering-in-place and the quarantining of out-of-state visitors. Many of these governors’ actions have the force of law.


Congress has so far passed three aid bills related to the coronavirus, with the latest receiving unanimous support in both the Senate and House of Representatives.


What do you think of the guidance to stay home and practice social distancing until April 30?

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