Connecting to your representatives has never been easier or more transparent.

Policy in your hands.

Legislators vote on hundreds of bills every year. Keeping track of them can seem like a full-time job. VoteSpotter makes it easy to get involved and impact the legislation that influences you.

See how your elected officials are voting.
Easily voice your opinion to your officials.
Completely non-partisan.
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Bills and policy in plain, easy-to-understand language.

“Allow health savings accounts to pay for over-the-counter medicine.”


Keep up to date on how your elected officials are representing you.


See how issues matter to your community.

Find your representative via address.

Use your address to quickly find your representatives and bills that affect you.

Cast your vote and make your voice heard.

Make your voice heard.

Cast your vote and make your voice heard.

Compare your votes to that of your representatives.

Tell your represntatives how they are doing

And tell them how they are doing.

Dear Cynthia Bouchard,

I agree with your vote on...

Always informative, Always non-partisan

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