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House returns to resume a bitter fight over gun control

Congress will be taking up gun control this week. Do you support banning people placed on certain government lists, but who have not been arrested or even charged with a crime, from being able to purchase firearms?

Gov. Scott Walker at odds with Assembly Republicans over how to fix road funding shortfall

In Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker is standing firm against raising the gas tax without cutting taxes elsewhere. Some legislators are pushing to increase the gas tax to fund already-scheduled projects. Do you support a higher gas tax if there are no offsetting cuts in other taxes?

The Supreme Court’s Conservative Run Is Over

With recent decisions upholding affirmative action and striking down abortion restrictions, some say the Supreme Court’s conservative era is over. Do you think it is proper to look at the court as having a “conservative” or “liberal” tendency? Is the court too politicized, or are political considerations inevitable on controversial questions?


Sen. Bob Casey does an 'about-face' on gun-control, report

Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey, once an opponent of gun control, says his views on this issue are changing. He is now willing to support some gun control measures, such as banning rifles with military-style features. Do you think Sen. Casey is on the right track? Or is he simply bowing to public pressure?

Sen. Mark Warner: How Brexit Threatens American Trade

According to Virginia Senator Mark Warner, “Regardless of the Brexit vote, global trade remains essential to America’s economic durability and leadership in the world.” But he also says that the government should do more to assist those negatively affected by trade. What do you think? Is global trade a net win for the U.S.?


Tim Kaine is sitting pretty in Hillary Clinton’s veepstakes



Virginia Senator Tim Kaine could be Hillary Clinton’s choice for vice president. He is seen as a “safe” pick – a mainstream Democrat who is from a potential swing state. Do you think Sen. Kaine would make a good vice president? Or should Clinton choose someone else? https



Mark Pocan, Gwen Moore, Tammy Baldwin participate in Congress gun control sit-in

Sen. Tammy Baldwin and other members of the Wisconsin congressional delegation joined the gun control “sit in” on the House floor recently. Do you support more restrictions on gun ownership? Do you think this kind of event is a good way to bring attention to an issue?

State-Run Internet Gambling

According to Capitol reporter Tim Skubick writing for Mlive, last November the Michigan lottery quietly began letting individuals buy lottery tickets online. The number of online users has grown 300 percent, from 86,000 the first month to 322,000 now, with sales of $147 million.


Elsewhere in the Capitol, a Senate committee has advanced Senate Bills 889 and 890 to the full body for consideration. The bills would allow casinos in the state to enter the internet gambling market, subject to a 10 percent tax. A fiscal analysis suggests the move may or may not increase state revenues, because it could divert sales from the lottery.


None of the above addresses the ethical concerns surrounding state governments not just being in the gambling business but advertising heavily to entice individuals to gamble.


Research suggests that low-income and minority individuals disproportionately spend money on lottery gambling, where even more than casinos “the house” is the only real winner. In other words, government lotteries prey upon those least able to afford them.


Koch Group Pushes 2-Year ‘Stop, Cut, and Fix’ Spending Plan on Congress

One limited government group is urging Congress not to enact individual spending bills this year. Instead, it proposes funding the government at current spending levels for the next two years and working on a plan to cut spending in 2018. This would end the threat of a government shutdown and give Congress time to find ways to trim spending. What do you think?

Clinton calls for a new ban on assault weapons, 12 years after the last one expired

In the wake of the Orlando nightclub shooting, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and other politicians have called for reinstating the “assault weapons” ban first imposed during Bill Clinton’s term as president. This ban targeted guns based on certain cosmetic features of a firearm, such as a pistol grip or a folding stock. Do you think this type of law will have an effect on mass shootings in this country?

PA. still hasn't gotten booze sales right

Even with recent reforms, Pennsylvania still has complicated laws governing the sale of alcohol. These laws include mandating that all liquor sales take place at state-run stores to limiting the number of bottles of wine you can buy at grocery stores. Is this the proper role of state government? Or should Pennsylvania legislators reduce restrictions and allow private businesses to sell alcohol?

Robert Doar: Paul Ryan's anti-poverty ideas an excellent start

House Speaker Paul Ryan has outlined ways that he would like to reform U.S. anti-poverty efforts. His focus is on re-orienting poverty programs to encourage and support work. Do you think these types of proposals are the way to reduce poverty? Or is there a better way to help low-income Americans?


Future of state pension fund could be at risk, group says

In North Carolina, there are questions about whether the state treasurer relied too much on risky investments for the state’s pension fund. With the private sector increasingly using retirement funds such as 401(k)s, some in the legislature are re-examining whether the state should continue offering pensions. How do you think the state government should fund employees’ retirement?


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