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Vote Spotter convention coverage blog -- it's all Trump

Our plucky new cub reporter was in Cleveland and whipped up this for VS:

Michigan delegates converged on Cleveland to support their respective candidates and the Republican National Committee's platform. Several Michigan delegates talked to Vote Spotter about what issues matter to them and why they're supporting Donald Trump, who accepted the Republican presidential nomination Thursday night.

Tamara Carlone, who was elected by the 11th congressional district as a Kasich delegate, supports the New York businessman and said the RNC's platform is more conservative than previous conventions.

“The RNC platform that’s been passed is very strong. It’s even more conservative than before, which I love," she said Tuesday. "I especially love the part on education and marriage."

"My candidate is Donald Trump. He wants to make America great again," Carlone added. "He wants to go back to founding principles and he wants to keep our nation safe."

Other issues important to Carlone are national security and supporting law enforcement officers.

"I have kids, I want them to be safe and I don’t want to have to worry about our cops getting shot and this type of thing, and I do believe once it’s said and done that [Trump] will unite us."

Don Evan, a delegate from Novi, said liberty-related issues, the Fourth Amendment, and immigration are most important to him.

"My biggest issues that are important to me are the liberty agenda and bringing us back to the constitution -- Fourth Amendment issues are really big for me, cell phone spying, things like that."

"I support Donald Trump because I really do think he's going to make America great again, policy wise," he said. "Immigration is obviously what he hit on hard and I think he's going to actually do it. No one else is talking immigration. Also, to them its just rhetoric."

Lauren Burress is a delegate from West Bloomfield who also pledged support to Trump prior to his official nomination, citing border issues.

"My candidate is Trump and it's because of the border issues. I'd like to see a wall. But also the northern border is very important," she said. "Nothing has changed, it's gotten worse."

Wes Nakagiri of Hartland cited trade and immigration as reasons for supporting Trump.

"I like [Trump's] position on immigration; I'm a fan of the wall," he said. "I like his position on trade. I don't think we really have free trade, I think we have managed trade. I think America is getting the short end of the stick on managed trade."

Marian Sheridan, alternate delegate for Donald Trump from West Bloomfield, said the RNC platform's section on simplifying the IRS and repealing the Johnson Amendment are important to her.

"What I like about the platform is the section on the IRS," she said. "I think it's very important that the code be simplified. I think that helps to de-weaponize the IRS."

"I like the repeal of the Johnson Amendment that's recommended in [the RNC platform] because I think it limits free speech of non profits. I think that's really important for non-profit organizations to have that freedom," Sheridan added.

Derek Draplin
CapCon Reporter

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