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Transparency Statement

VoteSpotter is a government transparency and citizen engagement tool being incubated by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. VoteSpotter promotes good government by making it harder for elected officials to campaign one way then vote another once in office by giving citizens of any political leaning the ability to see the votes their state and federal legislators take and provide feedback to those legislators on whether or not they agree.


VoteSpotter grew out of the Mackinac Center’s respected project, which since 2001 has provided Michigan residents with unbiased plain-English descriptions of every bill introduced in the state’s Legislature and tracked every vote taken by legislators.


The Mackinac Center is considered a free-market think tank. Government transparency and accountability have been major focuses, and the organization has also engaged issues such as over-criminalization, excessive occupational licensing mandates, government pension reform and more.


VoteSpotter is popular with individuals whose views range across the political spectrum.  The VoteSpotter team strive to ensure that its content is nonpartisan, factual and easily understood by regular people rather than just insiders and activists.

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