Bathroom Wars Come to Michigan

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Bathroom Wars Come to Michigan

The conflict actually arrived in March, when Democrats on a state Board of Education (an entity that has limited authority) proposed “guidance” that would require public schools to let students “use the restroom in accordance with their gender identity.”

See Memorandum from State of Michigan Department of Education here.

This week a bill was introduced in the state Senate that was described by as follows:

2016 Senate Bill 993: Ban boys in public school girl’s restroom and vice versa

Introduced by Sen. Tom Casperson (R) on May 25, 2016, to prohibit public schools from allowing boys to use the girl’s restroom or girls to use the boy’s rest room, plus locker rooms, showers, etc. when students of the opposite sex are present. However, if a student asserts having a gender is different from their biological sex, and a parent or legal guardian consents in writing, the school would have provided an accommodation that does not violate the prohibition described above. This could include a single-occupancy or unisex restroom or the “controlled use” of faculty facilities.      

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