Right-to-try lifesaving drugs; asthma inhalers in schools; respect freedom of religion in public schools

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Right-to-try lifesaving drugs; asthma inhalers in schools; respect freedom of religion in public schools


Check out these key votes made by elected officials in Ohio earlier this year, and go to www.votespotter.com to sign up and see how your elected officials voted on these and other issues that impact your daily life.


House Bill 290 Give terminally ill patients the freedom to choose their treatment options: Passed 96 to 1 in the House on 2/23/2016

To permit a patient with a terminal condition to be treated with a drug, product, or device that is not approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

House Bill 124 Permit venereal disease drug distribution without prescription: Passed 32 to 0 in the Senate on 10/7/2015

To permit drugs that cure chlamydia, gonorrhea or trichomoniasis to be dispensed to the sexual partner of a person who has one of these diseases without being examined by a doctor.

House Bill 39 Let schools stock emergency asthma inhalers: Passed 98 to 0 in the House on 10/7/2015

To allow schools and camps to obtain and administer emergency asthma inhalers, with a requirement to develop an inhaler use policy in concert with a health professional. The school or camp would be protected from liability for damages resulting from alleged misuse of inhalers. The bill also would allow inhaler manufacturers to donate inhalers to schools, and allow schools and camps to receive donations for the purpose of purchasing inhalers.

House Bill 2 Increase sponsorship and reporting requirements for charter schools: Passed 32 to 0 in the Senate on 6/30/2015

To restrict low-performing charter schools, and charter schools that have operated for less than four years, from changing sponsors unless the state rates the new sponsor as "effective" or higher, or if the change is approved by the Department of Education. The bill would also place additional reporting and disclosure requirements on charter school operators and establish new conflict-of-interest standards for charter school board members.

House Bill 425 Provide students with parity for freedom of religious expression in schools: Passed 72 to 22 in the House on 4/13/2016

To require schools to allow for and treat religious expression and speech in the same manner they allow for secular expression and speech.

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