Hemp farming and use, partisan judicial races, and government seizing or buying property

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Hemp farming and use, partisan judicial races, and government seizing or buying property



Check out these key votes made by elected officials in North Carolina during the most recent legislative session, and go to www.votespotter.com to signup and see how your elected officials voted on these and other issues that impact your daily life.


Senate Bill 313, Establish industrial hemp pilot program: Passed 101 to 7 in the House on September 28, 2015, and 42 to 2 in the Senate on September 29, 2015

To establish a program to grow industrial hemp, as long as such a program is consistent with federal rules and regulations.


House Bill 766, Expand allowable use of hemp extract: Passed 47 to 0 in the Senate on July 1, 2015, and 112 to 2 on July 14, 2015

To allow the use of hemp extract that contains a high amount of cannabidiol but a low amount of THC in order to treat intractable epilepsy. Previously, this treatment was only available to those participating in a pilot program.


House Bill 8, Make some judicial races partisan: Passed 69 to 48 in the House on April 20, 2015, and 32 to 12 in the Senate on September 24, 2015

To require party designations for candidates running for Judge of the Court of Appeals.


House Bill 3, Curtail eminent domain: Passed 113 to 5 in the House on February 10, 2015, and 31 to 18 in the Senate on June 28, 2016

To place a constitutional amendment before the voters that would prohibit state and local governments from using eminent domain for the benefit of private parties, although using eminent domain for public purposes would remain lawful.


House Bill 108, Establish loan fund for local government property purchases: Passed 90 to 25 in the House on April 15, 2015

To establish a fund that would provide loans for local governments or other agencies to acquire and develop business facilities.


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