A Must-Watch Final Debate

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A Must-Watch Final Debate



Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have faced off in two debates. At times these debates have turned very personal, and at times there has been some good discussion of policy. What will their third meeting bring?


Date: Wednesday October 19

Time: 9:00 p.m. EDT

Where: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Moderator: Chris Wallace from Fox News


Since the last debate on October 9, Trump has faced a variety of accusations from women claiming he assaulted them. Moderator Chris Wallace will almost certainly raise this issue, but it’s unclear how Clinton will handle it. Will she press it, or will she simply let the accusations speak for themselves? Trump is likely to try to use the recently-released information by WikiLeaks to attack Clinton, and it will be interesting to see how she responds to this.

There will be a balancing act at this debate, just as at the others, between discussing the issues of character. How much policy will be discussed? How much time will be devoted to issues of sexual harassment?

With the previous two debates drawing high ratings, it is likely that their final face-off will be watched by tens of millions of views.

Will you be watching? If so, what do you want to see the candidates discuss?


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