Iowa Senate Bill 607

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Iowa Senate Bill 607


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Senate Bill 607, To make it easier for brewers and distillers to sell alcoholic beverages on site: Passed 93 to 1 in the state Senate on March 28, 2017


Under current law, all alcoholic beverages produced for sale in Iowa must be first sold to the state, which then sells it. Brewpubs may sell "growlers" (large bottles of beer) on site, but only if they first sell it to the state and then buy it back at a marked-up price. This bill makes several modest changes to the state's alcohol laws, including letting brewers bottle growlers and sell them directly to customers. It also lets brewpubs sell wine by the glass and lets distillers sell their products on site by the glass. The bill also lets individuals buy the ingredients and supplies necessary to brew beer at home.


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