Judge Says Confederate Statues Must Stay

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Judge Says Confederate Statues Must Stay

Officials in Charlotte, Virginia, want that city’s monuments to the Confederacy gone. Those efforts do not look likely to succeed, however, as a judge rules that state law prevents the city from removing war monuments.


In 2017, the city council voted to remove the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. The city also wants to remove the statue of General Stonewall Jackson, too. State law, however, bars municipal governments from taking down war statues without permission of the state.


The city had argued that these statues are not war monuments, but a state judge did not buy that argument. He said that the law did indeed protect those statues from removal, and so Charlottesville had no choice but to keep them.


The proposal to remove these statues sparked the August 2017 alt-right march in Charlottesville. At this incident, a white supremacist ran over a counter-protestor, killing her.


Do you think that cities should take down monuments to Confederate generals?

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