Federal Government to Resume Executions

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Federal Government to Resume Executions

After a hiatus of 16 years, the federal government is set to resume executing prisoners on death row.


Attorney General Bill Barr announced this week that the Bureau of Prisons had set dates for the execution of five men who had exhausted their appeals. These executions will take place in December and January.


Supporters of the death penalty argue that some crimes deserve the most severe punishment. The five prisoners who are scheduled to be executed by the federal government each committed multiple murders and other serious crimes.


Opponents of the death penalty point to the growing number of people who have been exonerated. They also note that there is no evidence that the death penalty deters crime. States have increasingly been repealing the death penalty or scaling back its use.


The last time that the federal government executed someone was 2003. The federal death penalty was reinstated in 1988, and has only been used 3 times since that time. There are currently 62 federal prisoners on death row.


Since these men have used all the appeals available to them in federal court, it appears there is no further impediment to their executions proceeding.


Do you support resuming executions for federal prisoners on death row?

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