Trump Readies to Withdraw from Paris Climate Agreement

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Trump Readies to Withdraw from Paris Climate Agreement

President Donald Trump has long wanted the U.S. to withdraw from the Paris agreement on climate change. This week, he began the process to do so.


The Paris agreement was signed in 2016, and is a pact among nations to attempt a reduction in carbon emissions. The goal is to keep global temperature change in check. Nations pledge to reduce emissions at a certain level, although the agreement is not binding. Every nation on earth is party to the agreement.


According to President Trump, this international agreement hobbles U.S. industrial capacity and costs our nation jobs. He ran for office pledging to withdraw from it, and is putting that promise in action this week. Opponents of his move argue that this is a step backwards in the fight against climate change.


The structure of the agreement does not allow a withdrawal from it until three years after signing. That time period elapsed on Monday. The agreement also says that any nation wishing to withdraw must give notice and then wait a year. That means that the U.S. departure will take effect in 2020, a day after the presidential election.


While President Obama never submitted this agreement to the Senate for ratification, he did sign it and pledge U.S. support.


Do you agree that the U.S. should withdraw from the Paris climate agreement that calls for a reduction in U.S. carbon emissions?

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