Michiganders Protest Stay-at-Home Order

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Michiganders Protest Stay-at-Home Order

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has issued one of the strictest stay-at-home orders in the nation in an attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus. This week, hundreds of her state’s residents rallied at the state capitol building to protest her actions.


Hundreds of people showed up in Lansing to denounce the governor’s actions and demand that she allow businesses to re-open.


Last week, Gov. Whitmer issued orders to businesses that prevent many from staying open or selling certain items. Many of her critics point out that this order allows the sale of alcohol and lottery tickets, but not items like seeds or plants. She has also asked state residents to refrain from non-essential travel. They say that the governor is overly harsh, taking steps that do little to combat the coronavirus’s spread.


Gov. Whitmer’s order goes beyond the federal guidelines, which are not binding. She defends her order as being necessary to stop the virus’s spread in a state that has the third-highest number of victims.


Many Republicans in the state disagree, however. They point out that other governors have not gone as far as she has done in restricting what businesses can operate or what they can sell. They contend that her orders are damaging the economy and putting people out of work.


The stay-at-home order expires on April 30.


What type of activities and businesses do you think governors should be restricting to deal with the coronavirus?

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