Biden Unveils Child Care, Elder Care Plan

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Biden Unveils Child Care, Elder Care Plan

Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden this week outlined a $775 billion proposal that would expand federal spending on child care and elder care.


The Biden plan would:

  • Provide universal preschool for 3- and 4-year old children
  • Create a federal program to build child care facilities
  • Fund child and elder care jobs
  • Expand the use of community health care workers
  • Create a $5,000 tax credit for caregivers


The Biden campaign says this initiative will help millions of Americans who are caring for their children or elderly relatives. They argue that it will also create 5 million new jobs. The need for greater federal involvement in child care is something that has been a theme for Biden, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.


However, the initiative also has critics, which call it too costly. They also argue that expanding federal efforts in these areas constitute government intrusion on family activities.


If elected president, Biden would need to convince Congress to pass this package for it to go into effect.


Do you think the federal government should spend more on child care and elder care?

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