Trump Administration Orders Evictions Halted

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Trump Administration Orders Evictions Halted

This week, the Trump Administration issued an order banning landlords from evicting tenants who could not afford rent due to the coronavirus pandemic.


The Centers for Disease Control announced the eviction ban on Tuesday, using the authority of a federal law giving the agency power to take steps to stop the spread of communicable diseases. Under this order, tenants must meet certain qualifications:

  • Earn less than $99,000 (or $198,000 for joint tax filers)
  • Declare that their income will fall below the income threshold
  • Seek all federal rent assistance available
  • Declare that they cannot pay their rent due to the pandemic


Under this order, tenants are still liable for the rent owed, but they cannot be evicted for failure to pay that rent.


There was a previous federal foreclosure and eviction moratorium that expired July 31. Housing advocates have been pressuring the Trump Administration to issue another eviction ban. They argue that with high unemployment and economic disruption, an eviction moratorium is necessary to prevent widespread homelessness. Landlords, however, are pushing back, noting that they are still required to pay their mortgages and for property upkeep.


The new eviction moratorium lasts until December 31.


Do you support a federal ban on evictions during the coronavirus pandemic?


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