Florida Governor Removes Many Coronavirus Restrictions

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Florida Governor Removes Many Coronavirus Restrictions

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is moving to re-open the state's economy, a move he says is necessary to help workers and business owners. Public health experts fear that this will lead to a surge in coronavirus cases.


In an announcement this week, the governor said that all restaurants could return to serving at full capacity and that bars and nightclubs could re-open. Counties still have the ability to restrict their operation due if there are health or safety concerns. In addition, he suspended the collection of any coronavirus-related fees and fines imposed on individuals and businesses. Separately, Gov. DeSantis also proposed restrictions on colleges to prevent them from expelling students who break certain coronavirus-related rules.


These moves prompted pushbacks from Democratic legislators and public health officials. They note that while Florida coronavirus cases are declining, there are still thousands of new cases announced each day. They contend that lifting restrictions would lead to new infections. If that happens, they argue, it will result in more deaths and more economic disruption.


Gov. DeSantis imposed statewide restrictions on restaurants and bars in March. However, he has long been uncomfortable with the economic impact of these orders. He says that it is time to begin re-opening the state's economy and letting people get back to work.


Do you support lifting coronavirus-related restrictions on bars and restaurants?

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