Google Faces Antitrust Suit from 38 States

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Google Faces Antitrust Suit from 38 States

Google is facing a third antitrust lawsuit, this time over allegations that the company manipulates its search results to give it a business advantage over competitors.


The suit, led by attorneys general from Nebraska and Colorado, involves 38 states and elected officials from both parties. It alleges that Google has used anti-competitive practices to become the dominant search engine. Among the practices the suit cites are deals that place Google as the default search engine on browsers and smartphones and the company's use of paid ads to drive search results.


This case joins another suit by state attorneys general and one by the federal government that attack the company for practices alleged to squelch competition. Democratic and Republican elected officials have complained the company is too powerful and manipulates the market in illegal ways. They contend that the company's actions have led to a situation where it faces no effective competition, something they say is dangerous.


Google and its supporters push back against these claims. They say that the company came to its dominant position by offering a better product than its rivals. They point out that pre-Google search engines were not very accurate and argue that the company grew by meeting consumer demand.


The separate suits by state attorneys general may be consolidated. It is unclear how the incoming Biden Administration will handle the federal suit against Google.


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