After Riot, Congress Confirms Biden Victory

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After Riot, Congress Confirms Biden Victory

Meeting in a session that was interrupted by a large-scale riot and storming of the capitol building, members of Congress yesterday rejected attempts to throw out the electoral votes of a handful of states. After hours of delay, the joint session finally affirmed Joe Biden’s electoral college victory at 3:45 a.m.


Various members of the House of Representatives and Senate promised to object to the votes cast by electors in at least 5 states. A joint session convened at 1 p.m. to witness Vice President Mike Pence presiding over the counting of these votes. As Arizona’s votes were being counted, Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) rose to object. Since his objection slip was signed by a senator, this led to the House and Senate meeting separately to deliberate on that objection.


During these meetings, a group of individuals who were protesting outside the capitol broke into the building, assaulted police, and drove the members of Congress into undisclosed locations. These rioters then broke into the Senate chamber and attempted to reach the House chamber. Capitol Police shot one woman. 


Hours later, Capitol Police and other law enforcement cleared the capitol building, allowing the electoral vote count to resume. Members resumed deliberations on the Arizona objection, with the House rejecting it by a vote of 303-121 and the Senate by a vote of 93-6. While House members also attempted to object to electoral votes cast in Georgia, Michigan, and Nevada, but no senators joined them. An effort to toss out Pennsylvania’s vote was rejected by the Senate on a vote of 92-7 and 282-138 in the House. 


After these objections were defeated, the electoral count continued and Vice President Pence declared that Joe Biden had won the presidency. 


The meeting of the joint session of Congress is generally little more than a formality, with members being present to witness the counting of votes. While there had been objections to electoral votes in the past, there had never been this many members of Congress who supported them.


What do you think about the riot that took place in and around the capitol building yesterday?


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