Congressional Democrats Considering Impeachment

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Congressional Democrats Considering Impeachment

In the wake of a riot in the Capitol, Congressional Democrats are considering a second impeachment against President Trump.


Accusing President Trump of inciting an insurrection, these members of Congress say it is appropriate to impeach and remove President Trump from office as soon as possible. Although he will leave the White House when Joe Biden assumes the presidency on January 20, some Democrats and Republicans fear that he will do damage to the nation in his remaining two weeks in office.


Impeachment is usually a slow process, but it can also proceed quickly. Speaker Pelosi can call the House of Representatives into session next week and pass articles of impeachment within days. There are already multiple members of the House who say they will support impeaching the president a second time. If this occurs, then the Senate would take up the matter. While it is likely that most, if not all, Democrats would vote in favor of impeachment and removal, it is unclear how many Republicans would support it. A handful have said they are open to the idea.


Even if Congress works quickly on impeachment and removal, Donald Trump would only be taken out of office with a few days left in his term. Supporters of this action say that the main benefit of this process would be to prohibit him from ever running for president or any federal office again.


Do you think that Donald Trump should be impeached a second time?

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