House GOP Blocks 25th Amendment Resolution

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House GOP Blocks 25th Amendment Resolution

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants Congress to call on Vice President Mike Pence to help remove Donald Trump from the presidency. A congressional Republican objected to the effort, however, and Speaker Pelosi vows that the House will vote on impeachment on Wednesday.


On Monday, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) moved that the House adopt a resolution calling on Vice President Mike Pence to exercise his authority under the 25th Amendment to convene the cabinet in an attempt to declare President Trump unfit and temporarily remove him from office. Since this resolution would be considered under a suspension of the House rules, any member could object to stop it. Rep. Alex Mooney (R-WV) did so.


The House will vote on this resolution on Tuesday.


Speaker Pelosi has said that she would prefer Vice President Pence act instead of the House impeaching Trump for a second time. However, if he does not do so by Wednesday, the speaker would lead the House in an impeachment vote. Democratic House members have already drawn up an article of impeachment, saying that the president should be removed from office for inciting the Capitol riot.


Under the 25th Amendment, if the vice president and a majority of cabinet officers declares that the president is unable to discharge the duties of his office, the vice president assumes the presidency. The president can dispute this and it would ultimately be up to Congress to determine if the president should be removed from office. Some scholars contend that this option can only be involved if the president is incapacitated in some way. Others say that President Trump's actions indicate that he is in no state to be making decisions, so his removal would be justified. Vice President Pence has said that he will not invoke this power under the current circumstances.


Do you think that Vice President Pence and the cabinet should temporarily remove President Trump from office using the 25th Amendment?

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