Biden Mandates $15 Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors

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Biden Mandates $15 Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors

Joe Biden supports a nationwide $15-per-hour minimum wage, something that must go through Congress to be enacted. This week, however, he took direct action to implement that minimum wage on a smaller scale by signing an order requiring federal contractors to pay that wage.


Under the Biden order, federal contractors must pay at least $15-per-hour. The order also has provisions that amplify collective bargaining rights and require these employers to offer emergency paid leave. 


According to President Biden, this order as well as others he signed this week are ways to help workers affected by the coronavirus pandemic. He has also unveiled a $1.9 trillion stimulus plan, but this must go through Congress. Executive orders do not, but they also have a much more limited reach.


The president’s actions have garnered criticism from those who say they are placing more burdens on businesses that have been hit hard by the economic crisis. They contend that the president’s economic plans will hurt economic growth and ultimately lead to more job loss.


The movement on minimum wage is part of a broader push to raise the federal minimum wage to $15-per-hour. This has long been a goal of progressive activists. 


Do you think that federal contractors should be mandated to pay a minimum wage of $15?

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