Biden Lifts Transgender Military Ban

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Biden Lifts Transgender Military Ban

This week, President Joe Biden is expected to lift the ban on transgender individuals serving in the military. 


In 2017, President Trump issued a memorandum that prohibited openly transgender individuals from serving in the armed forces. This reversed a 2016 action by the Obama Administration which allowed such individuals to serve. President Trump’s ban has been tied up with legal challenges, although the Pentagon did issue orders in 2019 for the ban to go into effect.


President Biden supported reversing this ban during his campaign for office. His newly-confirmed Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, said during Senate hearings that he also supported ending the ban on transgender troops.


Supporters of allowing transgender individuals to serve in the military say that banning them is sex discrimination. They also contend that if a member of the military is performing well, it should not matter if that person is transgender. Opponents contend that such troops undermine morale.


Do you support allowing transgender troops to serve in the military?

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