Progressives Push for Recurring Coronavirus Stimulus Payments

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Progressives Push for Recurring Coronavirus Stimulus Payments

Some members of Congress want President Joe Biden to support legislation that would provide recurring payment from the government for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic.


In a letter to the president, members of the progressive wing of the Democratic caucus urged President Biden to include recurring payments in a coronavirus relief bill. They support payments that continue until the economy recovers, is prioritizes for poorer families, and includes "all immigrant workers."


Congress and the Biden Administration are in talks about what a new coronavirus relief bill will contain. The president supports a new round of stimulus payments. His proposal would not be recurring, however. Instead, it would be a one-time payment of up to $1,400. 


More liberal members of Congress say this is not generous enough. They argue that the economic disruption from the pandemic is too widespread to be solved by one-time payments. Instead, they contend that only recurring payments would provide a long-term solution. They also frame these payments as an act of social justice, saying that the economic problems have hit minority communities hardest.


This proposal will be controversial in Congress, however. There is already significant opposition to another relief bill, with Republicans arguing that new legislation is much too expensive. Critics point to the high cost of past bills and say that new direct payments will be costly. They note that the federal deficit is at record levels and future coronavirus legislation will add to it.


Do you think that a new coronavirus aid bill should contain recurring payments?

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