TSA to Fine Non-Mask Wearers

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TSA to Fine Non-Mask Wearers

The Transportation Security Agency (TSA) will start imposing fines and other penalties on individuals who refuse to wear masks on public transportation systems.


Upon taking office, President Joe Biden issued an executive order that mandated mask-wearing on trains, airplanes, and in other areas of interstate travel. Now the TSA has finalized procedures to deal with individuals who refuse to comply. Under the TSA’s policies, travelers who do not wear masks can be denied travel. They can also be subject to fines for a variety of offenses depending on the circumstances of their refusal. 


Mask mandates have been a controversial topic throughout the U.S. Those who favor such mandates contend that mask-wearing is an essential part of any strategy to combat the coronavirus. They argue that the government should require masks be worn in public as the best way to ensure the pandemic recedes. Those who oppose such mandates counter that they infringe upon a wearer’s personal freedom. Some also argue that masks are ineffective.


While airlines and other companies have had their own mask requirements for travelers, the federal mandate is one that imposes uniformity across the system. It also now allows for fining of non-compliant travelers. The mandate will last through May 11.


Do you think that travelers who refuse to wear masks should be fined?

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