Virginia House Advance Three Gun Control Bills

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Virginia House Advance Three Gun Control Bills

Legislators in Virginia are on the verge of tightening up the state’s gun laws. The House recently passed three bills that would impose more restrictions in firearms in Virginia.


One bill would allow local school boards to prohibit anyone except law enforcement personnel from carrying guns on their property. Another would extend the waiting period for gun purchases. Currently gun buyers must wait 3 days if their background check is not completed instantaneously. Under this legislation, that waiting period would extend to 5 days. The final bill would make it a felony to manufacture, sell, or possess homemade guns.


Democratic Governor Ralph Northam has made it a priority to enact gun control laws. During this session of the legislature he called on members to pass “bold, meaningful action.” With Democrats taking control of the legislature after a long period of Republican majorities, they have been supportive of these efforts.


Supporters of these laws consider them necessary as part of a larger strategy to make Virginia safe from gun violence. They argue that these laws will help keep guns away from violent individuals while not infringing on the rights of legal gun owners. Opponents disagree, arguing that the burden of these new laws will fall primarily on these legal gun owners since criminals disobey laws. They say that restricting firearms or infringing upon the carrying of guns will lead to higher crime.


The Virginia Senate will now consider these bills.


Do you think that there should be a 5-day waiting period for gun purchases?

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