House Votes to Strip Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Committee Assignments

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House Votes to Strip Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Committee Assignments

In a rarely-taken step, the House of Representatives voted today to remove Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of her assignments to the Education and Labor Committee and the Budget Committee.


By a vote of 230-199, House members approved a resolution that ended Taylor Greene's brief tenure on these two committees. The freshman Republican from Georgia had been sworn in on January 3 and received her committee assignments later that month. 


This vote came in the wake of reports detailing Taylor Greene's long history of controversial remarks and actions. In the past, she had expressed support for the QAnon conspiracy theory, indicated that she believed that Muslims could not serve in the U.S. Congress, and raised questions about whether a space laser had started a forest fire in California. In a speech on the House floor, she said that she no longer believes some of these things.


Republicans in the House have condemned Taylor Greene's past statements, but they decided not to take action on her committee assignments. These assignments are determined by party leadership and when members of the House have been removed from committees in the past, it has been by party leadership. With the Republicans failing to do this, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said it was up to the full House to vote on the matter.


Those who supported the action against Taylor Greene argue that the House should take the action to express its strong disagreement with her statements. Some House members said they feel unsafe around Taylor Greene and argue that she does not belong in the House at all. Republicans said they do not support her more extreme views, but the people of Georgia elected her and it is not up to other House members to punish her for actions taken prior to her joining that body.


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