Senators are Fighting for Permanent Daylight Saving Time

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Senators are Fighting for Permanent Daylight Saving Time

It’s time to turn our clocks forward this weekend, but some members of Congress are working to end this practice.


Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) has once again introduced a bill, S. 623, that would make Daylight Saving Time (DST) permanent. It has 9 cosponsors, with members of both parties joining in the quest to set one permanent time for the U.S.


The idea to change clocks between Standard Time and DST dates back to World War I. Initially the idea was that it would save energy by aligning the clocks with natural sunlight. It was imposed by the federal government during both world wars, but then was up to state and local preference until 1966. That year, President Lyndon Johnson signed the law giving states either the option of choosing Standard Time or Daylight Saving Time during a uniform period of time.


Those who favor instituting permanent Daylight Saving Time point to evidence that the twice-a-year ritual of changing clocks has adverse effects on health and the economy. Those opposed to a change note that it would mean darker mornings in the winter, with children going to school before the sun comes up.


Sixteen states, including Florida, have passed legislation in support of year-round DST. However, federal legislation is needed in order to make this change.


Do you support year-round Daylight Saving Time?

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