Indiana Likely to Expand School Choice Program

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Indiana Likely to Expand School Choice Program

School choice may be coming for more Indiana families.


Legislators are considering a bill that would expand eligibility in the state's voucher plan. Under current rules, families of four with a household income of $96,000 are eligible for state reimbursement of some of their private school tuition expenses. Families of four with household incomes of $46,000 can receive full reimbursement, with higher-income families receiving partial assistance.


Under a bill passed by the state house, these income limits would increase. Families of 4 with a household income of roughly $145,000 would be eligible to participate in the program. Those who make $96,000 would be eligible for full tuition reimbursement.


This plan is coupled with increased state funding for public schools, but this has not alleviated the concerns of critics who say vouchers drain money from the traditional school system. They argue that legislators should focus on improving schools used by the majority of students instead of trying to subsidize private schools. 


Supporters of the voucher plan contend that the voucher program allows parents who are not satisfied with their children's education to seek other options. They argue that education money should follow the child, not be focused on school buildings. 


The state senate is currently considering this legislation, but some senators are concerned about its price. They are currently attempting to work out a deal to expand the program while also containing costs.


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